Explore The Beauty Of The Hills And Let Your Soul Wander

Explore The Beauty Of The Hills And Let Your Soul Wander

Have you ever wondered while packing your bags for a trekking expedition, how trekking got popular? If you think that trekking is a new activity then you are mistaken. Our ancestors were extremely active people who explored mountains and hills to satiate their need for adventure and also to travel around.

If you dig into the past, you will know that trekking has come a long way from being a risky expedition to a fun and indulgent activity. In earlier days, trekking was roughly associated with the term primitive camping. You may relate primitive with something traditional, but it is not as old as you think.

When people used to travel around in the 50’s they used to take cotton canvas tents, equipment to lit open fires, poles for fishing, sheath and a clasp knife. Cooking had just one meaning and that was meat on a stick and cooking it over a fire. Trekking poles and shoes were also different from the present fashion.

The scene changed as times changed and we entered the 1960s. Cooking methods changed as pits were dug and earthen pots were placed in it so that the food gets cooked properly. As time passed, clothing materials used for tents evolved simultaneously. Bows and arrows were used for protection and this was the time when trekking poles were just introduced in the market.

This is how trekking world has reached where it is now today. Today, you have access to the purest air and untouched beauty of nature as easily as ever. You just need to pack your bag with some trekking shoes, food, clothing and you are ready to scale new heights. Your most awaited expedition may turn messy if you forget to pack trekking poles. Yes, poles that allow you to step on a firmly on the rough and curvy terrains.

With these poles, you can balance yourself and divide your weight properly between your hands and legs for a comfortable journey. Well, carrying trekking poles may not solve all the problems. They may again become problematic when you are resting or planning for the next tour. We are here to solve this problem for you. We provide trekking pole holders that make carrying of poles easier. The pole bag is supplied with a reinforced bottom so that it maintains its shape even after repetitive use. It is vented so that there are no chances of germ or bacteria build up if you are trekking in a damp or humid location.

So next time, when you make a list of all the things required for trekking, don’t forget to include all the necessities of trekking in your list. Have a safe and happy trekking!